Sunday, January 24, 2010

Connect 4 - The Electronic Handheld!

Does anybody remember the days when handheld electronic games (like Tetris) were on sale everywhere you went? You know, before smart phones with myriad applications existed, and sophisticated handheld consoles by major first party companies did not have similar capabilities to home consoles? Well, I do, and I think they still sell them in many gifts shops, but back when I was a kid, I saw these electronic handhelds everywhere. I admit, I used to annoy my mom so she would buy them for me, and, well, she would cave in and do so. I don't know why I wanted them so badly considering I HATED most of them. Since I played many home console games, I was under the impression that every video game out there came to an end eventually, so I used to waste time playing these electronic handhelds and not getting anywhere. Little did I know that certain games never ended as long as you continued to increase your high score (yes, I was an idiot). But I digress.

A while ago, I found a little gem in my home: a Connect 4 electronic handheld. If you don't know what Connect 4 is, it is basically the same as Tic-Tac-Toe, only you have to connect four dots/disks in any direction to win instead of three circles or Xs. The game is also played using a seven-column, six-row vertically-suspended grid. I admit, I only played Connect 4 one day when I was in Middle School. I remember it being very fun and addicting. My friend, however, had a low attention span and was bored quickly. After he ditched me, I stayed sitting in the table staring at the game...alone. But, you see, now I don't need anyone in order to play this game because I have my beautiful electronic handheld!

This Connect 4 handheld is, without a doubt, the greatest portable electronic game I have ever played. It records your wins and losses, has a difficulty setting, and has two gameplay modes. You can either play the normal mode, which is a traditional game of Connect 4, or the invisible mode, which temporarily shows the grid during your turn before disappearing. The latter requires you to not only use strategy, but also your memorization skills. However, I prefer the normal mode. The best feature this portable Connect 4 has is its difficulty setting. At LV.3 (the highest level), your opponent plays like a pro. I don't think I've ever encountered an electronic handheld with such a great AI. Playing with an AI that plays just like a human makes this a very addicting experience.

With all that said, I tend to play this game everyday before going to sleep because, well, it's usually next to my bed. Oh, and if the friend that abandoned me that day in Middle School is reading this, I want you to know that you've been replaced, meanie!


  1. I had a bunch of these as a kid as well. I still have them in closet somewhere at my parents house haha.

  2. I can't believe you just made a review about a handheld.. thing! I remember seeing these everywhere when I was a kid, (oh yeah I was there with you. I had a poker version and I never learned to play it. I would press random buttons and hope for that best haha. Now I just download apps into my phone and i'm happy with that :). I got sonic the hedgehog 2 on my touch screen phone, whoo!

    Nice article btw ;)

  3. I have a few in my drawers. Like this Mortal Kombat one. Can't get enough of my Connect Four one though. lol.

    And Zizi, since when do you have a touchscreen phone?!